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Apply project on life?

Projects and management are the common denominators in my professional life, so it comes easy to think upon life on earth as a project. The same questions need to be answered - i.e. Why? What? How? Delivery?

I have learnt a lot from each project which was used in the next project. I ended up teaching the next generation of project managers and develop project methods.

In the same way I am eager to learn more of the life on earth in order to contribute to the welfare for all life on earth (the Why for me).
I am aware of that we need to live in harmony and peace - both with ourselves and all life on earth (the What). It is the foundation that every human being needs to implement on the inside (the How).

The delivery from this project is a humanity with a responibility and love for each other and our home(planet) - and in return we will have more joy and love in our daily life.

Since we create our world (who else?) it´s all up to ourselves. So engage yourself and your creativity - it´s pure joy all the way!
... and the recognized effects of placebo and epigenetics will support us on the way - i.e. the power of our thoughts/mindset.